Let us help you with 1031 property exchanges-avoid giving away part of your equity for capital gain taxes—you can reinvest with Kessler and Company Realty, build up the value of your portfolio and defer ever paying taxes again!!!


The 1031 Exchange is defined by the IRS as offering real and personal property investors the opportunity to build wealth and defer taxes. By completing a qualified exchange, the investor can dispose of an investment on existing property, leverage existing equity from that property to acquire a “like kind” investment and defer the capital gains taxes which are normally paid. To qualify, the property must be held for Business Use, Production of Income, or Investment purposes.

To complete a qualified exchange, when a property is sold, a Replacement Property must be identified by the Exchanger within 45 days of the sale closing. A Qualified 3rd party Intermediary must be appointed to hold the funds of the sale until the Replacement Property is bought and closed upon within 180 days.


A Tenant in Common interest represents a co-ownership between 2 or more investors and is suitable for a 1031 Exchange process. Each investor receives separate deeds and undivided rights and percentage interest to profits in the whole property.

Let us walk you through the process of 1031 exchanges and tenants in common with your investments.

Dependent upon your goal, we can help you with many investment opportunities. Some example of those we have helped include:

  • Investors with properties to sell
  • Investors interested in beginning or adding to their portfolio of rental properties
  • Residential, commercial or business properties are available for sale or lease in Michigan and the United States.

Ask us about our property management services to help you manage your growing portfolio.

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